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Outdoor Security – System Design

Outdoor security systems are of particular value at outside sporting events such as baseball video games, soccer fields in addition to schools, airports, business and homes. Here are some new developments in outdoor security innovation so you can relax and delight in the video game in safety.

Deterrent Residence – Outdoor Security

Outside security relies on the deterrent buildings of the fence or other outdoor security apparatus to identify and obstruct entry of unauthorized people, vehicles and animals, etc. Today, the concern of outside security is of significant value to everybody whether we like it or not and the outdoor security is a major and profitable company.

Total Boundary Security – Outdoor Security

Among the latest developments in outside security is a line of taut wire boundary intrusion detection systems. The unique component in this outdoor security system is a fence combined with an advanced invasion detection system. If someone or something attempts to go into the limited outside security zone, the system will sound the alarm at the outside security system headquarters

Analog Sensors – Outdoor Security

While the technical elements are secret, outside security systems based upon self-balancing analog sensing units are used extensively to monitor fences worldwide. An attempt to invade the outdoor security safe area is recorded on the analog sensors and analyzed prior to sounding the alarm. These outdoor security systems are based upon highly sensitive analog sensing units for finding possible invasions together with a very low false alarm rate. There is a lot at stake in outside security for airports, arenas and public occasions– and the very first and finest line of defense is the outside security provided by these analog sensing units.

False Alarms – Outdoor Security

If outdoor security was not such a severe problem, duds would be fairly funny such rain, snow, hail, moving soil, and the odd fox trying to find a hen. The accepted rate for outside security duds has to do with one alarm per kilometer of fence in a three month period. There are also outdoor security systems based on this innovation for home owners. Watch out your window at the shifting weather, cars and individuals zipping by your house. Are you safe? For assurance, have a look at cost effective outside security systems to secure you and your liked ones.

The Co-Relationship Between Flowers And Mythology


There are two different concepts, flowers and mythology, that are actually intimately entwined. Flowers can be found throughout many historical writings, often having some subjective meaning. Today, we simply choose flowers based upon the type of flower that we like, using them for decorative purposes. However, in the literary prose of mythology, they are actually very symbolic and have distinct and vital meanings. Let’s look at the co-relationship between flowers and mythology, to show you how nature can easily be intertwined with mythological concepts.

What Is Mythology?

Mythology simply is a vast collection of myths that have been pulled over the millennia, originating from a variety of different cultures and religious backgrounds. For instance, the most popular today are the Greek and Roman myths that originated out of the countries of Greece and Rome. It is more common to hear the names of the Greek gods and goddesses, whereas Roman names are often used for astronomical objects. The planet Venus is named after the goddess of love, which we all know more commonly using the Greek version of the name Aphrodite. So how do flowers play a role in the myths that we have heard before? Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent ones.

General Meaning Of Flowers In Mythology

Mythology typically portrays flowers in very broad concepts, and some having very specific meanings. For example, flowers can be representative of new life to death, representative of passion, and also providing a meaning associated with pleasure, beauty and youth. Flowers also play an interesting role in mythology, being both delicate and colorful, they are often associated with female gods. However it is much more interesting when we go into the symbolism of flowers, specifically the roles that they play for the protagonist and villains of the stories.

The Anemone

This is a beautiful flowering plant that comes in many colors, and well over 100 species. In Greek mythology, it is the red Anemone that is directly linked to the death of the god Adonis. He was considered to be the most handsome man in the world, and was highly coveted by Persephone who was in the underworld with Hades. In one story, he was impaled by the tusks of a bore, and where his blood dripped red Anemones grew.

The Lily

Lilies can be found in the literature dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. They are trumpets in shape, and were very prevalent in upper Egypt, a symbol of virginity and purity. The Christians actually adopted this particular flower to be symbolic of mother Mary. It was later attributed to Saints, and other people that showed exceptional virtue, specifically in the area of chastity

The Lotus

Finally there is the Lotus flower which can be found in many cultures worldwide. In Egypt it was representative of the goddess Isis, and can also be found in Buddhism and the stories of the Hindu gods. It is representative of new life, the goddess Padma, and wherever the Buddha walked, the Lotus flower was said to grow in his wake. It is the symbol of life and vitality, as well as of rebirth.

Flowers that we see today are simply beautiful plants that grow. However, for those in the ancient world, they were often associated with stories, gods and goddesses, and subtle meanings that could be derived from each story. It is through these stories that we can also find the flowers that we associate with the most based upon their ancient meaning. This connection between flowers and mythology, and the way that we perceive them today, is alive and well made prominent through mythology and our appreciation for these plants in our modern day world.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements You Can Implement Now

If you are interested in reducing your overall costs of living as well as reducing your negative impact on the environment, then you should consider making your home more energy efficient. So, in this article, we will be looking at the top energy efficient home improvements that you can make with the least amount of effort.

The first tip is that you should insulate your home as soon as possible. If your home isn’t properly insulated, then it will be using more energy than is needed to heat or cool the home which would translate into higher heating and air conditioning bills. So, in order to insulate your home, make sure to add new insulation to the doors, ceilings, attic walls, doors and windows. Once you properly seal all of these openings, you should be able to prevent any air leaks so that your home is warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Next, another thing that you can do is completely revamp and improve your windows since these are usually a huge source of heat loss. You can start by replacing any windows that have aluminum frames with vinyl frames since the aluminum can cause heat transfer to occur at a much faster rate than other materials. You should also look into installing windows that have multiple panes, especially ones that have argon gas in between the panes since this gas acts as a very effective insulator. You should also consider tinting your windows since this will work quite to keep out the heat and cold.

In addition to properly insulating your home, windows and garage, you should also replace any old appliances you have with new ones that are energy star certified. Even garage doors can cause you problems,i have used Garage Door Experts ABC for this issue. This is essential because older appliances waste a lot of energy since they were not made to be efficient and save energy. By replacing these old and outdated appliances with energy efficient ones, you will not only benefit from having better and more attractive appliances, but a significantly lower electricity bill.

Next, if you live in a country with harsh winters, then you should consider fixing or replacing your current furnace. You should make sure that you have an energy efficient furnace that provides more heat while burning less gas and produces less carbon emissions. You can improve your current furnace by simply changing the air filters, sealing the ducts and adding a programmable thermostat.

Lastly, if you currently use incandescent bulbs and lighting throughout your home, you should switch to fluorescent bulbs. Even though fluorescent bulbs cost more, they will save you more money in the long run since they burn less energy and last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs.

In closing, we have just looked at some of the top energy efficient home improvements that you can make to reduce your living costs and negative impact on the environment. These are just a few of the ways that you can make your home more energy efficient, so make sure to continue learning about the different ways you can be frugally minded and environmentally conscious.

Cornelia Bawey & Clic paroles

CorneliaBaweyWelcome to Clic-paroles, – my name is Cornelia Bawey, -and I am an author of this blog. Me and my sister Krista, – we started this blog, back in the day – like three years ago. Since then it changed like five names. (I know I know, but at least we’re consistent with the blog itself).

So yeah, – it all started back at school , – I remember when me and Krista (we are twins by the way, identical, – yes) when we used to sit, and we had to learn, read, and pretend that we’re interested in stuff that happened hundreds of years ago (I’m talking about history here), or what chemicals are things made of (talking about chemistry) – well…let’s just say, it was so boring we both wanted to leave school (I’m trying to avoid swear words by any means)

Anyways. Our parents (our father has phd in geography, and my mom’s a surgeon) – they were kind of against us leaving school. Don’t get me wrong, – I mean,   – they are very modern, very liberal, and cool, but their arguments why two young girls should stay at school of at least 12 years were kind of convicing.

So yeah, – my and Krista we graduated, back in 2012, – and that day we looked at each other, – and asked each other, – so, – what now, – and the answer was there, and it was pretty simple, and straight forward. Internet is the future, – let’s be a part of the future. Let’s not focus on the past. We started this blog that day, and have been working on it, on the way to monetize it, on the ways to make it more and more popular ever since.

So yeah, – thanks, for stopping by, and make sure you subscribe to get the latest news!